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Murray started off flying hang gliders in the 1980's and started off with powered flight in 1985. He flew as a parachute jump pilot for many years and started instructing in 1986. Suffice to say there's next to nothing Murray hasn't flown. He's a natural instructor and one of our most in demand. He's got around 4,500 hours or more in the air and has lost count of how many people who he's introduced to aviation.  If you're interested in formation flying it's Murray's great love.

First Flew

1984, Murray solo'd on his first flight, in a hang-glider, his first powered flight was in 1985 in a Cessna


  • GA Grade 1 instructor
  • RA Senior instructor
  • ATPL
  • aerobatics, formation, taildragger

Instruct in

  • Jabiru
  • Warrior/Archer/Arrow
  • Bonanza
  • Travelair
  • Air Tourer
  • Cherokee 6
  • Savanna
  • Grumman singles

Specialty instruction

  • Multi engine instruction
  • Formation
  • Bonanza type rating
  • Jump Pilot
  • CSU, retractable

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