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Clayton moved to Melbourne in 2001 after completing the PPL in Camden in 1999.  He first flew Tomahawks in Camden and then he bought a Tomahawk of his own.  He then bought a Cessna 182 and did PIFR at Lilydale with us and then completed the CPL before gaining an instructor rating in 2011.  Since starting work at Lilydale Clayton has, amongst other things, obtained the low level endorsement and he regularly flew pipeline inspection flights.  He's the man to see if you're after IFR training and as well as flying instructing Clayton also runs theory ground school classes for instrument ratings, CPL and PPL. He's flown more than 3,500 hours so far, including charter work, instruction and a lot of traveling for fun.

First Flew

January 1997, at Camden Airport

Ratings & Endorsements

  • ATPL
  • GA Grade 1 Instructor
  • RA-Aus Senior Instructor

Clayton Instructs in the following aeroplanes


  • Jabiru 160


  • Warrior/Archer
  • Arrow
  • Airtourer
  • Bonanza
  • Cessna 152/172//177/182/206/210
  • Baron
  • Seminole
  • Travelair

Specialty instruction

  • Multi Engine
  • IR
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • CSU
  • Theory - PPL, CPL, PIR, IR


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