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Graham moved to Melbourne in 1997 after working around the world and obtaining PPL's in the UK and the UAE.
He first flew gliders in Tibbenham and then Lasham UK, Tomahawks in Norwich, UK, and then Archer II's in Dubai, UAE. After migrating to Australia and quickly converting to an Australian PPL, he bought a share in a high performance glider (DG600) based at Tocumwal, NSW, which he still flies. He eventually bit the bullet and bought a Piper Twin Comanche
in 2008. Soon afterwards Graham took a PIFR theory course here at Lilydale. The PIFR was "the best thing I ever did"- no more being stuck south of the ranges due to cloud!

Graham then completed the CPL in 2016 before gaining an RA instructor rating here in early 2017.

Since those early days in the UK he has flown 106 different aircraft of 69 types/variants in nine countries, but most of all he has enjoyed flying all around Australia and from Lilydale to NZ and back for pure fun. Graham
loves to go on outback flying safaris with his pilot wife and looks forward to helping others realise the dream of visiting the remoter parts of this fabulous continent.

First Flew

January 1967 in a Jodel D11, at Norwich Airport (UK) as a very young (12 yr old) navigator.

Ratings & Endorsements


RA-Aus Instructor
Glider Towing (both RA and GA)

Graham Instructs in the following aeroplanes


Jabiru 160

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