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Carl first flew in 2003, gaining a GFPT (now RPL) in a Piper Warrior at Lilydale, after a long hiatus, he started again in 2015, getting a Recreational Aviation Recreational Pilots Certificate (RPC) and then a cross country rating before ferrying two of Lilydale's Jabirus up to Bundaberg and back for 5,000 hour overhauls in 2015. Carl completed a RA instructor rating at Lilydale under the instruction of our CFI Craig Hammond and is one of our Jabiru enthusiasts.

First Flew

  • 2003 – Piper Warrior
  • 2015 – Jabiru J160C


  • RPL
  • RA XC, PAX, HP
  • RA Instructor

Instruct in

Jabiru J160 - RA


Introductory flying lessons, long ferry flights in Jabiru J160's

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