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Lilydale Flying School

New!  We can now offer RA instructor to GA instructor conversions!  Contact us for details.

We offer Recreational Pilot Certificate to CPL pathways at Lilydale, read about it here.

The Lilydale Flying School is partnered with Yarra Valley Flight Theory for PPL and PIR theory classes as well as offering BAK courses at the school.

NEW! Collected useful links for online resources for pilots and trainee pilots

At the Lilydale Flying School we have a diverse range of instructors with a vast amount of real world experience.  Our airport has no landing fees and we are outside of controlled traffic areas so we can have you learning to fly without the fuss and expense of dealing with traffic and expensive delays on the ground waiting for clearances. 

When you're ready to learn to fly in CTA, Moorabbin and Essendon are just a short hop away.  We're ideally situated to offer the best of both worlds for your flight training.


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